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Yosemite Tours & Excursions

Yosemite Naturalist helps you design your own excursions and we delight in taking you to lesser known locations to enjoy a more peaceful experience, especially during the busy season. We guide groups of school students, teachers, friends, and people on corporate or organization retreats. Organizations with special interests such as botany or bird watching are welcome to hire us for field trips too.

Go Beyond the Typical 2-Hour Visit to the Park

We are thrilled for the opportunity to arrange a multi-day guided tour in the park. Trek for a week in our favorite alpine areas, bird watch for several days to view many species, or participate in hikes with a specific focus such as geography or wildflowers. If you want an in-depth guided experience in the park, we will tailor a custom tour to fit the needs of your family, group of friends, or work colleagues. Take advantage of our lodging recommendations for your multi-night stay.

Natural History Hikes

Yosemite Naturalist has a long list of hikes, on and off trail, appropriate for hikers of different abilities and interests. Please note, not all hikes are suitable for every season.

Wildflowers, Birds and Bridalveil Fall
Birdwatching Like You've Never Imagined It

These trips are designed for every level birder--from beginners to committed twitchers. Custom trips go to park areas best suited to find particular bird species at specific seasons.

Wildflower Saunters/Bug Hunts/Geology Hikes

Wildflowers can be found in the area from late March to late August. The first blossoms appear at lower elevations and the last of summer's flowers linger at higher altitudes. Our bug hunt hikes include searching for insects and other invertebrates in a variety of habitats, including lakes, forests, and streams, Kids love our bug hunt hikes. Our geology hikes take you to areas where glacial features and bedrock formations are visible.

Family Adventures

Yosemite Naturalist has guided hundreds of families in the park in all seasons. We love creating explorations suitable for each unique family.


Custom full-day Yosemite tours start at $400 per day for up to four people. Add $50 per person for groups larger than four. Half-day tours for up to four are $300 and additional persons are $30. For safety's sake, high country hiking tours are limited to a maximum of 14 people.